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Happy Thanksgiving!


I have so much going on and so much to be thankful for. I’m just lucky to be able to be doing all the things I get to do; I have a beautiful family and life is filled with endless possibilities.


Toastmasters is awesome! Tonight will be my tenth and final speech in the Competent Communicator manual. The task is an inspirational speech, so I’ll be doing a commencement speech as if speaking to fellow graduates from my masters program. It’s ironic doing this speech because I haven’t actually finished my program yet and I’m still a bit frightened that I won’t complete it. I’m much more confident than I have been in the past, but you never know.

As for the last contest, I did not move past Division. I learned a valuable lesson. Make sure you know what the judges will be voting on. I and another participant were the only ones who didn’t have costume or props and neither of us placed. I would have put us at 1st and 2nd place for performance, but clearly there were things we missed. Someone said recently something about the number of failures one has makes one successful. I have to agree. They just make us better…if we let them.

Graduate School

As I said above, my masters program is finally coming to a conclusion. I’ve finally been approved for project number one after nine months. This, a feature comedy, is something I’ve been working on for three years…if not longer…and I almost cried when I finally got the word that I was done. Now, I’ve got until the end of February to finish another project, a TV sitcom. This is a brand new project…but the proposal was accepted and my lovely National University professor has already given me notes on my TV breakdown chart. I’m going to let it simmer for the next few days…I understand that turkey and stuffing help with the simmering process. 😉 Hopefully, I’ll be on to script by next week. Wish me luck.

Trade School

I started trade school for video production and editing in Denver for two reasons. I had a hard time finding a teaching job in Denver and I just really wanted to do something different. It kind of went along with the whole reason we came to Denver in the first place. I’ll always love teaching and I’m sure that I’ll be teaching again in some fashion, but I’m thrilled to be back in the creative game. Soon, looking for a job in local television. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. It’s very exciting. I’m attaching a silly project I made with some friends. Beautiful Bookends is a piece we used to learn a number of different skills. You’ll notice it’s a bit orange…that’s because I didn’t set the white balance correctly, but it’s still fun. Bad News has lots of mistakes (you can see me in the screen door 😉 but I’m definitely getting better (the white balance and aperture settings are off).

Currently, I am producing a short documentary about the Black Lives Matter movement, editing a documentary about the changing face of Denver and I am the subject of another documentary. In the spring, we will be producing a feature documentary. I’ll post links to those as they come in.

Oh, and I was very proud of this: Twitter Banner it was not easy to create…several layers, but I wanted to share because we’re also learning Photoshop and I think I’m getting better that, too. :-)

“Do not be told something is impossible. There is always a way.”

-Robert Rodriguez


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