Doyle has learned a lot about navigating the world of youth in education through his many years as a teacher, but also drawing on his experiences as a student and a parent. Doyle believes strongly that there are no bad kids and that all young people can learn and become valuable members of society. He speaks about the stumbling blocks that get in our way to becoming the best we can be.
For young people, Doyle speaks about bullying, resilience, confidence, leadership, and developing a sense of humor. As a comedy teacher, Doyle has learned that anyone can be taught to be funny and that an important part of that word is “fun.” When you learn to have fun, the rest always seems to fall into place.
For teachers, Doyle speaks about loving and respecting yourself, about getting your ego out of the way and having fun! Teaching is an incredibly difficult job that very few people really understand. You want to get the most out of your students, and you will. There are things you can do to recharge and reshape your career and live a life that you love.