Here are some things I’m good at…

  1. General handyman. (Just the basics. I can install a new electrical outlet, I can unclog a drain, I’ve installed several garbage disposals in my day, and I can fix sprinkler systems. Also, I’m a decent carpenter. I know nothing about cars, but if it’s something easy like installing a filter, I’m your man.)
  2. Manual labor. (I can mow your lawn, rake your leaves, plant flowers, or clean your bathtub. I can essentially do anything that has to do with cleaning or gardening.)
  3. Painting. (I worked as a painter from time to time in college as well as a set painter and I’ve painted my own house and my parents’ house inside and out.)
  4. Cook. I’m no gourmet, but my wife is and I’ve picked up a couple of things.
  5. English teacher/English tutor. (I graduated from UCLA with a degree in theater, but I’ve been a public school English teacher for 13 years, and I’m in the thesis phase of a graduate degree in screenwriting.) Want to brush up on your comma rules or tutor your children on a writing project? Maybe some notes on a screenplay?
  6. Comedy teacher. (I’ve been a comedian, stand-up/improv/sketch, for over 20 years. I taught improv for over ten years to grades four all the way through high-school.) If you have a speech that needs some help with humor, I’m a great resource.
  7. Acting teacher. (I’m a graduate of a formal Meisner acting school and have television, stage and film experience.)
  8. You let me know what you need… even if it’s just someone to talk to. I’m a good listener.

Doyle Hanks