I speak about bullying, resilience and
having a sense of humor about life.

Doyle Hanks is one of the most likable and talented people I have met in my 22 years in the comedy entertainment business.

Bill Word Comedy Producer

Doyle Hanks has many gifts. He’s able to relate to anyone in a matter of seconds. His wit and down to earth sense of humor make him a good teacher, a great friend and an overall fantastic person.

Julie Groya Culver City Middle School Teacher

Doyle Hanks, in all of my experience since I met him years ago in acting class, is a positive, engaging, friendly and collaborative person. He radiates what they call “decency” and he’s a great speaker with a deep soul and poetic insights about life.

Adam Gropman Comedian, Writer

Doyle has such a unique and unexpected way of bringing the funny to his performances and when speaking. He makes for a fun time.

Talia Toms Actor + Health and Fitness Coach

Doyle is always a pleasure to work with. He lifts my spirits and his way of seeing the world is a gift.

Kim Ortega High School English Teacher

Doyle was the keynote speaker at the credential celebration ceremony in May, 2012, for our teaching credential candidates. His talk was perfect for our event. He was funny, inspirational, and human. As one of our credential alumni, his presentation was heartfelt as well. We would love to have him back.”

Nada Mach Professor Emeritus, Coordinator, Single Subject Student Teaching and Intern Programs

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